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On 9 October 2012, Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, stood in Parliament House and delivered one of the most impassioned and iconic speeches in the history of our nation’s politics.
The Misogyny Speech reverberated around the world and continues to reach further into our collective consciousness to this day. In 2020, the speech was voted by The Guardian readers as the number one most unforgettable moment in Australian television history.
Ms Gillard’s incisive words were a call to arms from the highest office in the nation; that misogyny and sexism should no longer be tolerated, because women are entitled to a better standard in private, public and professional life. Ten years on, her defiant and rousing speech continues to inspire and challenge us to call out sexism and misogyny in every field. Not Now, Not Ever marks the tenth anniversary of the Misogyny Speech by celebrating progress and exploring the challenges in the empowerment of women everywhere. So much has changed, and so much has stayed the same.
Staged on 5 October at Aware Super Theatre, ICC Sydney, Not Now, Not Ever is a celebration of the impact of Ms Gillard’s famous speech and an examination of what comes next in the fight for equality. With the central theme “Women are not the problem. Fix the system” and in support of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, who strive for a world in which being a woman is not a barrier to becoming a leader in any field, Not Now, Not Ever will energise, motivate, and uplift.
Experience an unforgettable evening of passion and progress with Ms Gillard, host, broadcaster and author Indira Naidoo, and their many special guests as they reflect on Ms Gillard’s speech, the past ten years, and a gender equal future.
Not Now, Not Ever
The speech that sparked a conversation. Live on stage with Julia Gillard
Hosted by Indira Naidoo

Wednesday 5 October 2022

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